Oil Companies

A user-friendly, one-tap (or voice command) fueling experience
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Fleets Benefit
Fleets benefit from better control over fuel expenses and reduced losses, so will be encouraged to use gas stations providing TankU’s service. Private motorists will join the membership club by using our secure, easy-to-use, one-tap refueling solution
Outdoor Payment
True self-service with no need for expensive Outdoor Payment Terminals at every pump, reducing both fixed asset expense and attendant labor costs
Not just a Fleet solution. A real customer loylity system!
Branding – hi-tech image created by introducing advanced, up-to-date service and a user-friendly fueling experience
Fast Authorization
Very fast authorization, typically under 3 seconds, reducing queues at busy stations
Promotion Tool
Our promotion tool increases the number of drivers entering the c-store
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Not just a Fleet solution. A real customer loylity system!