TankU’s technology and solutions

Creating interactive services for vehicles using advanced vision-based analytics.
Utilizing the existing CCTV infrastructure, digital platforms, and external loyalty clubs.

TankU’s SAAS-based system uses proprietary AI and vision-based algorithms to analyze data from multiple sources –
existing CCTV, drivers’ mobile phones, loyalty clubs, POS etc.
The system automates and secures processes, such as cardless one-tap fueling for private and commercial fleets, EV-charging, self-pickup, drive-through and other outdoor shopping. The unique and comprehensive data collected, provides an extensive analytical tool that helps reduce site operating costs and increases sales and profitability.

TankU key advantages

Our solutions are Fully compatible with privacy and payment global standards.

interactive services by detecting events in the retail outdoor environment

Compatible to all existing infrastructure, seamless and fast deployment

Predictive maintenance of site modules

Optimize site operations and staff productivity

Security is our priority and provides 100% fraud prevention

Improved Interaction with your customers

Increases your loyalty base

Ultimate solution for fleet fuel control

Easily embedded into existing mobile applications

Decreased fueling time, increases capacity of forecourt

Patented proprietary technology