For the past years, TankU has been developing cutting-edge technology (patent pending) to identify objects and processes in gas stations, using existing sensors such as security cameras and mobile phones. The first deployment of our technology is a secure, one-tap mobile payment for fuel and products, which stands apart from existing mobile payment solutions with time-consuming data inputting and ten or more steps.

Our one-tap or voice-command refueling provides exceptional user experience without compromising security. In fact, TankU’s system is the most secure mobile payment solution for fuel: we automatically identify the vehicle, plate number, pump, driver, credit card and geographical location before we authorize the pump to dispense fuel. Our system monitors and documents the entire fueling process, providing alerts for exceptions and even taking preventive actions such as stopping refueling if the car moves.

TankU has put together a team of experts who are uniquely placed to make a significant global change to the industry: senior representatives from global oil companies, as well as experts in gas station and convenience store solutions, gas station security and services, algorithms and image processing, technical back-end servers and mobile applications, including UX. We are now expanding our team to meet our clients’ milestones and push forward our business plan.

Our working system was launched in 2017 and we have completed successful pilots with large oil companies.

The TankU solution provides true self-service, without the need for expensive Outdoor Payment Terminals, cards, tags or any devices installed on the vehicle or pump. For fleet vehicles we verify that the fuel goes to the authorized vehicle with the authorized driver, while we capture odometer readings and provide consumption reports, schedule maintenance alerts and exception reports for the fleet manager. This reduces fleet costs and encourages them to remain loyal to the oil company providing TankU’s service.

In addition, our c-store promotional system increases the number of drivers entering gas station convenience stores and making purchases.


Becoming the leader for on-the-road mobile payments of both fleets and private motorists.

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